2017 -2018 Priestess Rising Initiation Program with Marin Bach-Antonson

Jan 14, 2018 - Aug 12, 2018

marin goddess handsFrom 9 AM – 8  PM
This year-long Program with Marin Bach-Antonson continues into 2018, held once a month on a Sunday.
You can get more information here:  https://www.riseupgoddess.com/product/priestess-rising-initiation-program/
You will be taken on a powerful Magdalene Vision Quest to understand how to embody more of your purpose and sovereignty in 2017.    This is a gathering for emerging priestesses called to step into feminine spiritual leadership and inspired to embody even more of their divine feminine potential.
marin-herselfMarin Bach Antonson is the Founder of Rise up Goddess. As a successful entrepreneur for over 20 years, her mission has always been to restore the ways of feminine soul initiation and support women rising.  She is a master coach, matrix healer, inspirational catalyst, EFT expert and overall feminine revolution leader.
“In my work, I want to help you live out loud, ecstatic, on purpose and as the unique icon you are.   I want to help you integrate your pain and take charge of your passion so that you can make a big, positive impact in the world. There are lots of ways for us to connect and I so look forward to opportunity to do so!”